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In 1987-1990 RTI, M White, UCSF (i.e., Pat Leake), and scientists from other labs teamed-up to obtain funding to better understand the basic neurophysiology, psychophysics, and anatomy of the deaf auditory system.  M White authored the sections of the program project grant related to neural and psychophysical modeling of the effects of stochastic neural responses.  All 5 projects in the proposal were eventually funded in 1990 after 2 submissions and a Site Visit. -- $4,500,000 was requested over 5 years; however, it was initially funded for only 4 years.  For the associated excerpts and complete project documents, follow the links at the bottom of this page.  This planning and proposal-writing significantly improved RTI's understanding and appreciation that high-pulse-rate electrical stimulation would not necessarily cause "neurons to be driven to 'anywhere near' saturation spike rates."  As previously noted, this hard-won understanding had a profound impact on which processors and parameter values were tested by RTI.

Extensive description of stochastic neurophysiological-psychophysical model from Project # 5 of the program project proposal. -- written by Mark White.   The complete Project # 5 proposal. -- written by D Smith, E Javel, and M White

Description of neurophysiological models, and stochastic models in particular, from Project # 3 of the program project proposal. -- written by Mark White.  The complete Project # 3 proposal. -- written by E Javel, C van den Honert, C Finley, and M White